Shop & Send

Shopping at any UK online stores becomes easy with our Shop & Send service!

We are a freight forwarding company based in Southampton providing you affordable stress-free shopping and shipping to Nigeria from the UK as well as deliver cargo from Nigeria to UK. Our Shop & Send service to a UK address is your gateway to a world of online shopping from UK and about creating profitable business opportunities from import and export for everyone in Nigeria.

Our international shipping service allows you to shop from any UK high street, to our address. So, don`t worry we have got your returns services covered.

The stores will deliver to your personal UK Address, our shop based in Southampton UK.

We know you love shopping. As for Phunkmedia, we love to deliver shopping from our UK address to your doorstep. We deliver it to you at rates you will simply love.

Shop For Me

Was your card declined by the Store? Our personal shopper service provides you an easy option to shop from stores that may decline your card, if you are based outside the UK.

We buy, ship and deliver to your warehouse or your doorstep.  We deliver trust, bringing the world to your doorstep.


There are two easy ways you can use our personal shopper service to buy products you need from UK online stores. We receive on your behalf, ship from UK to Nigeria and deliver to you.

  1. You send us your order details via email:
  2. Or send via WhatsApp: 07909 585 863
  3. Website link of actual product must be copied and sent with any other instructions, with options to tell us what you want to order.
  4. Customer makes payment via preferred methods (More info given).


Fast order – You can place your order in 15 minutes via phone.

14 days free storage – There is no limit to the quantity you can buy.

We pay with our own card – Not to worry if a store declines your card, we will pay with ours, if they don’t accept yours.

Consolidation to reduce shipping cost – You can place orders you need from one or multiple online stores in the UK.

Delivery from 5 days via air shipping – You choose when you want to ship out on any of these days Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Sourcing of hard to find or scarce products – Our team of personal shoppers are trained to maintain relationships with international suppliers/merchants.

Shipping Rates

Our shipping fees are based on the actual weight of the shipments rather than on weight as well as dimensions, depending on the service you use.  This benefits you as a Shop &Send member. Fees are determined by the destination you are shipping to, from our store.

Shop & Send Perfume

Shop & Send Perfume is an add-on service that allows you to shop for perfumes using your Shop & Send addresses.

Shipping perfumes from UK:

  • The maximum size per bottle that can be shipped is 100ml.
  • The maximum quantity that can be shipped is 2 bottles per shipment.
  • If the shipment exceeds 2 bottles, the additional bottles will be classified as a separate shipment, and the relevant charges will apply.